About Us

Roy & Mandy

Originally from Yorkshire England, Roy learned to cook at age 16 in the Merchant Marines.  Traveling aboard merchant ships Roy experienced foods from trading ports in every corner of the world, but a true English Man, he always favored his hearty home town pub meals. 

Sheila or Mandy as she is known, was a signer, best known for her lead in Brittan's first all girl band, Mandy & The Girlfriends.  After her band days were done Mandy toured singing on the Pub circuit in England Mandy met Roy, the rest as they say is history.

Roy & Mandy moved to Anguilla, BWI in 1981 and quickly put their experience as Pub managers to work as they opened a modest Fish & Chips shack beachside at Crocus Bay.  That soon grew to the original Roy's Place which remained open on 

Crocus Bay for nearly 25 years until Roy's Bayside Grill opened on Sandy Ground in 2004 and the original Roy's closed.  

Roy's Bayside Grill is the ultimate experience that Roy & Mandy had always wanted to offer their guests.  A great beachside location, with access to night life.  With the new location came a new grilled fresh seafood and meats menu, but Roy & Mandy's daughter Claire Lynch and her husband Patrick, who have operated Roy's since 2013 have stayed true to the restaurant's roots continuing to offer Fish & Chips, Lobster Bisque and Coconut Cake, the items that made Roy's famous!
Claire & Patrick
Claire was a child when she moved to Anguilla with her parent in 1981, but you'd never know she wasn't born an island girl!  Claire grew up in the restaurant industry.  First as a toddler in Pubs in England, then in Roy's on Crocus Bay, its there where she learned to wait tables, tend bar, wash dishes and cook.  After many years on Anguilla Claire moved back to England to finish school.  While there she helped her Grandma Dot with her many catering events gathering more experience planning, cooking and serving.  She attended Leeds University where she earned a degree in Hospitality Management and then Huddersfield University where she received a degree in Food Science.  After University Claire moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts where she took an internship with The Sheraton Commander Hotel, this is also where she met Patrick.
Patrick started in food & beverage industry at 14 working a summer job in the snack bar of a private country club in the suburbs of Boston.  After the summer he was offered a bus boy position in the member's dining room and eventually became a waiter on the club's event staff.  Patrick continued working at the country club and for a private caterer through college.  After college he took a position at The Sheraton Commander Hotel in food & beverage and catering.  Events caught Patrick and he moved into Hotel Sales & Marketing, eventually moving into large event and convention sales for Boston, MA; Providence, RI and finally in Worcester, MA before he and Claire moved to Anguilla to run Roy's.
Since returning, Claire & Patrick have continued the traditions of Roy's welcoming locals and tourists alike.  A true melting pot of people from near and far, Roy's is relaxed, fun, friendly and a true island experience.  Rarely do people visit Anguilla only once, and rarely do they visit Roy's only once.  The staff at Roy's loves meeting new people every day, and we cherish the days we get to welcome back our weekly regulars and our yearly regulars! 

Claire & Patrick invite you to discover Sandy Ground beach and enjoy a day, or night, at Roy's.  We want you to have an experience unique to you.  Come enjoy the character, charm, whit and charisma that awaits diners as they enjoy the atmosphere that is Roy's Bayside Grill.